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Drill Deeper: Attend Your Niche’s Meeting

You now have a niche market, but are wondering how to grow and expand it. I have previously discussed being an industry meeting junkie. Now you need to branch out and consider attending the local and state meetings of your niche’s conferences. 
Kristen Luke  recently wrote about joining the association of your niche as well at

By attending these meetings, you can network with your niche and with the vendors and experts who serve the niche. 

Go to the breakouts and learn about the issues that your niche is concerned with. 

Walk the booth floor and meet the niche vendors. See how THEY market. Ask how they approach these people. Learn what is working. You’ll be amazed at what they will share. 

Eat at their meals and sit with other attendees. Listen very carefully to the issues discussed. Learn their concerns. 

This information is invaluable in helping you serve and service your market. This is typically intelligence that cannot be gathered elsewhere. 

Next year, arrange to exhibit or, even better, speak or sponsor a speaker to talk on a hot issue that is of concern to your niche. Do this by finding out who is chairing the next conference or who is the organization’s program chair. 

Guide – Going to the conferences of your clients can give you great insight. 

Action Item – Go out and sign up for a couple of State level conferences and just attend! 

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