Our Program Opportunities Include:

  • The Scripted Presentation

This is a preset or “prepared” presentation of the sponsors choice. We will cover the material that you desire.

  • The Surveyed Workshop

This workshop results from careful surveys completed by your target audience designed normally to drill down to discover the issues concerning them. The presentation will than be geared towards addressing those issues.

  • The Rainmaker Dinner

This is an event designed for the individual advisor. Sponsored by your organization, the advisor will identify several centers of influence (COI’s) with whom they would like to deepen the existing relationship. We will then survey those centers of influence or the advisor to find common themes to address that are of concern to the COI’s. These typically will revolve around the area of practice management for the COI’s and how the advisor can assist or add value to solve these practice management concerns.

  • How Should Advisors be called on?

This workshop is designed specifically for product distributors to advisors and their sales people. It focuses on what advisors like and want in their vendor relationships, how to penetrate the advisor community and delivery many value added concepts to the advisors.

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