“This was particularly interesting. Tech tips from another FA!!!”

“Retirement planning talk was very refreshing, he made great points that i think have to be worth considering to every FA no matter what level of experience. His talk about Tech ideas was great, things discussed that i was looking for but not aware of, like logmein.com, and other things I can and will use.”

“excellent, as always. Great info always timely and from one of us, so the practical applications are easily seen. I really appreciate him taking the time to do this”

“I appreciate the ideas and the structure of a monthly plan with practical ideas to use now!” – Edward Jones FA

“I enjoyed the presentation.  Lots of good ideas.  I will be meeting my clients in my conference room from now on!” – Edward Jones FA

“Very Knowledgeable and well meaning presenter and a more narrow scope, shorter session, and more patient questioning answering would have been nice.”

“I thought this was the best part of the meeting. I thought Eliot had some excellent ideas on practice management.”

“This was a great cut to the chase networking session. It was nice to have 40 or 50 people to discuss these issues in a forum type setting.”

“The focus on time management was terrific, particularly the specific examples and tools shared by Eliot and other advisors.”

“Interesting workshop. Parts of 1 were geared more to a branch manager which I’m not. I liked listening to how different people run their business. I appreciated the time Eliot put into it.”

“Eliot usually has helpful ideas…sometimes a little too technical for the computer illiterate…but always helpful.”

“Eliot did a great job and has a lot of good information to share. We took several things from his presentation that we will hopefully implement in our practice.”

“These sessions were among the best and alone were worth the trip to St. Petersburg. I took away so many good ideas from these sessions about time management, how to better run my practice and manage my staff. I cannot thank you and Eliot enough for sharing the information and ideas.”

“I was very impressed with the presentations and have started using some of the ideas already.”

“Eliot did a great job on the material and moderating.”

“Eliot did a great job.”

“Eliot is amazing.. I would recommend breakout sessions that John and or Tom put together and address items of interest for a branch manager”

“Eliot did a terrific job. Lots of good ideas exchanged.”

“of course the main reason for coming. Elliot does a great job. Most of the conference should be allocated to this.”

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