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A quick iPad review for Advisors


I am writing this blog using my new Apple iPad. 1.5 lbs of marvelous portable technology.

It all works as advertised. Some basic tools for advisors including the ability to connect back to my main PC sitting behind a VPN. Little security risk as this device has no client data on it. I store no documents locally but work on them on the remote machine.

About the size on a small hard cover book, this will be a nice device to travel with and will include my music and reading. I can access all web based apps using Safari. It is certainly easy to use and sync to iTunes. If you have an iPhone, you will find the iPad a natural extension of that OS.

All said, the Apple iPad is a keeper that will see daily use.

Guide – Using an iPad makes for a lightweight versitile traveling companion.

Action Item – Go out and try an iPad for browsing and remote control – it just works!

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