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Pizza Time

Here is an idea I recently heard! What a terrific gift.

First I contacted all the pizza places in town and found the best super large pizza’s for the best price ($8.00/ per pizza which included tip).

I was able to do this because I told them I wanted to order and have delivered a pizza to every CPA and tax preparer firm in town.

Then I went to MSFT Word and found a picture of Uncle Sam pointing his finger and I did a flyer that said “Take a break on us”, Compliments of myself and my firm. I took the flyer to the pizza place and attached it to the pizza box.

The pizza’s were then delivered and my telephone rang and rang with thank you’s from the CPA and their staffs. Referrals started coming in. It was a win win for the pizza place and a win win for me.

Guide – People remember and appreciate the gift of food, especially when they are hungry.

Action Item – Try Pizza Time in your town.

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Show Your Colors – Give a Flag

We will soon enter a new Holiday season.  No, not the winter holiday season, but it is the superfecta of  patriotic holidays –

  • May 15th – Armed Services Day
  • May 31st – Memorial Day
  • June 14th – Flag Day
  • July 4th – Independence Day

So what can you do to honor these holidays and help your clients celebrate?

Well perhaps you could fly the flag? or….

Give a flag!

A United States flag represents the spirit of this season.  Most clients want to fly a flag if  they own one (and if they remember to do it!). Some own a flag but it’s old, some have lost the one they had, some have been meaning to buy a new one, and some just appreciate the reminder.

I recommend the United States Flag Store at

Look around the site and spend whatever is comfortable.  Nice printed flags start from $3.00,  hand sewn flags can cost up to several hundred dollars.  The flags come wrapped and ready to mail.  Just put them in an envelope, add a hand written note, and mail them off.

Here is one sample note –

Dear xxxxx,

In celebration of the upcoming patriotic season of

  • May 15th – Armed Services Day
  • May 31st – Memorial Day
  • June 14th – Flag Day
  • July 4th – Independence Day

Please enjoy this flag and flying it during these special American holidays.

Best wishes from Eliot, Kathy and staff.

Make sure you buy one for your office and fly it proudly on these days.

Guide – Gifting an American Flag instills a special feeling in your recipients.

Action Item – Order and give your best clients a new flag for the upcoming patriotic season.

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The Tax Season Survival Pack


For our accounting friends, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” (hum it?).

Long hours, not much sleep, poor diet, not well rested – so what can you do to help?

How can you impress these weary tax warriors?

It is time to send – The Tax Season Survival Pack!

This is a nice package of food and goodies for their office. Whether its Hickory Farms, Swiss Colony or a giant food basket from your favorite market or vendor, send one.

Make sure it is enough to feed the crew for a day or two.

Enough for them to say, “Wow, isn’t that nice” – because it is!

They work very hard this time of year and will truly appreciate your support.

So the next question is when to have this care package delivered?

You might think near April 15th…nope.

I would suggest March 11th for 2011.

As you may now, April 15 has now become a soft date.  It is very easy and common for folks to go on extension as that date gets closer.

But the best clients they have are the business/corporate clients, whose returns are due March 15th – and they don’t want to go on extension!

Delivering on March 10th is about the time when the nights and days all blur together and the crunch is on. 

Think about it:  your nice package arriving during the heat of battle. A beautiful thing!

Guide – Treat your accounting centers of influence to a treat during their most stressful week of the year

Action Item – Send the Tax Season survival Pack and feed them and their staff.

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Client Event Idea – Shredding Day/Week


How can we add value to our client and center of influence relationships, help them, and do good works?

Make Thursday, April 22, 2010, Client Shredding Day!

Oh, by the way,  This also happens to be Earth Day.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Clients properly dispose of  papers with personally identifiable information
  • Reduces the risk of identity theft
  • Encourages clients to tell their friends
  • Encourages your COIs to tell their clients
  • The shredding truck charges by the hour, not by volume
  • Promote it in the community as a “Green Event”
  • It is not very expensive
  • Partner with the shredding company – You are promoting them too
  • Create a press release for the event and get it in the newspapers
  • Make it a “Community Shred”
  • Leverage “Earth Day”
  • It should be easy to find sponsorship that may defray some of the cost
  • Invite local law enforcement to take part
  • Invite other community organizations to join you
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Drive traffic to you

You get the idea.  An event that is easy to leverage!

Guide – Great client events can be fun, easy and not too expensive.

Action Item – Hold a Shredding Day in Your community on Thursday, April 22, celebrating the end of tax season and Earth Day.

© 2010 The Advisors Center, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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Now! Spend time with your COI’s.


Spend 3 hours with your best centers of influence.

A quick lunch is not enough.  Following the theme of going deeper, not wider, really getting to know these people is key to any lasting relationship.

Right now is the time of year for planning.  Planning your relationships is just as, if not more, important than other planning.

You really need to get to know your centers of influence and they REALLY need to get to know you.

Consider this – Do you know your COI’s spouses’ names, the children’s names or where they go to school?  Do you know where your COI’s went to school for that matter?  Do you know if they belong to a church or synagogue?  What their favorite causes or charities are?  What they REALLY care about?  Are their parents living?  Are they dealing with family matters?  Are they happy in their role within the practice?  How do they get paid?  Salary and bonus?  A percentage of profits?  Are they an equity partner or just a profits partner?  Do they have their own assistant?

You get the idea!

Go out and learn about your center of influences just as you would any client.  Take a fact finder.

Go deeper, not wider – It will pay off in a stronger relationship.

Guide – Knowing more about your key centers of influence gives them the comfort of knowing you understand them.  This results in a stronger relationship.

Action item – Call your COI’s now and ask them for some time – Not 20-30 minutes, but an opportunity to get to know each other.

© 2010 The Advisors Center, LLC – All Rights Reserved

Top Ten Things to Do in 2010


1.  Delegate 10 things that you know you should not be doing.

Nothing will free you up mentally like not doing the “junk” you know you should not be doing.  Just stop!

2.  Fire your nightmare client.

The stress of this account is killing you (perhaps literally).  The energy used to maintain this client is equal to 10 great clients.  Stop hurting yourself and your staff.  If you are not sure which one this is, just ask your staff or spouse.  They will tell you and support the decision.

3.  Treat your staff to a treat.

Practice random acts of kindness.  It feels great and will help everyone be more productive.

4.  Call your top 20 clients and make a non-business only date.

They want to know you.  Visit them at their home, take them out for a meal, invite them to a show, etc. – They really like you.  I call it “go deeper, not wider.”

5.  Spend 3 hours with your best center of influence.

A quick lunch is not enough.  Following the theme of #4 above, really getting to know these people is key to any lasting relationship.

6.  Improve a technology system to make it do what you really need.

Does your CRM system really crank?  Why not!  Spend a few bucks and make it sing.  Find a consultant or some add-ins to help it along.  A great productivity enhancer.

7.  Rework your website and brochure.

Gosh, they get old fast.  Do a short run digital version of the brochure from now on and run fresh ones every 6 months.  Consider purchasing a wide-format color printer and do them in-house.

8.  Redecorate your office.

Yup!  Spruce it up and feel better.  New throw rugs, a fresh coat of paint, and some new wall hangings all help to create a more professional enviroment.

9.  Volunteer.

Giving back somehow, someway gives you a chance to recharge and feel good.  You know you should!

10.  Take time away with your spouse or partner to discuss the direction of your business.

Your loved one is a great sounding board.  They put up with you and listen to you moan all year long.  Sit down, tell them your goals and plans and then shut up and listen.

Guide – Each of these is designed to reduce your stress and enhance productivity.  All proven winners.  Good luck!

Action item – Write these down or print them out.  Post them and knock them off.  Each one stands on its own, so the order does not matter.

© 2010 The Advisors Center, LLC – All Rights Reserved

Holiday Gifting – Some ideas

So you want to do some giving but you are not sure what to give and who to give too.

Here are some ideas for consideration.

The theme is to let people know they are appreciated and you are thinking of them.

It is also very important not to offend.

First  we need some grouping-vendors, Clients and those who sent referrals during the year or really helped you out in some way.

Vendors – These are the easiest as these are the folks who usually send you something. Consider a gift that they can share with their family.  It makes it a little more personal for them.  We normally give chocolate. You can give any kind and plenty of it.  We give very large jars of Hershey’s and our vendors usually pick theirs up so we can save on shipping and we get to say “Hi.”

Clients – Now you may consider segmentation, but everyone gets a holiday card.  We sign every one!  Each year we have been sending classical music CD’s and helping build our clients collections.  Note that we do not send holiday music as not all our clients celebrate the same holidays.  We gift wrap every one along with a note card describing the composer or the piece.

Referrers – This gift is a fun gift and meant to make a statement.  Each person who sends a referral during the year (that becomes a client) receives a 6-gallon tin of gourmet popcorn.  I love to send this gift for several reasons: first, most people like popcorn (even those on diets), second, is that it is big and usually makes a mess (easy to clean up though), so they think of you for a while, and finally, the tin is a keeper.  It can be used for many things and we suggest they use it to store holiday decorations for next year as they put this year’s away.  We know of some who have 6-7 cans of ornaments alone!

Holiday giving is both fun and rewarding.  Do it because you want to, not because you feel you should.  Try to give within the spirit of your holiday.  Remember that it is as much fun to give as it is to receive.

Drop me an email or a comment if you would like the names of our gift providers or specific gifts.

Thanks and Happy Holidays to all.

Guide – Holiday giving is fun and rewarding.

Action item – Give within your means and remember that not all people celebrate they way you do so give thoughtfully. 

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