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The Tax Season Survival Pack


For our accounting friends, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” (hum it?).

Long hours, not much sleep, poor diet, not well rested – so what can you do to help?

How can you impress these weary tax warriors?

It is time to send – The Tax Season Survival Pack!

This is a nice package of food and goodies for their office. Whether its Hickory Farms, Swiss Colony or a giant food basket from your favorite market or vendor, send one.

Make sure it is enough to feed the crew for a day or two.

Enough for them to say, “Wow, isn’t that nice” – because it is!

They work very hard this time of year and will truly appreciate your support.

So the next question is when to have this care package delivered?

You might think near April 15th…nope.

I would suggest March 11th for 2011.

As you may now, April 15 has now become a soft date.  It is very easy and common for folks to go on extension as that date gets closer.

But the best clients they have are the business/corporate clients, whose returns are due March 15th – and they don’t want to go on extension!

Delivering on March 10th is about the time when the nights and days all blur together and the crunch is on. 

Think about it:  your nice package arriving during the heat of battle. A beautiful thing!

Guide – Treat your accounting centers of influence to a treat during their most stressful week of the year

Action Item – Send the Tax Season survival Pack and feed them and their staff.

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For Tax Season – The Record Saver Envelope


As the holiday season winds down and the calendar turns, we await the next season – TAX SEASON!

In order to prepare for tax season, there is a something very easy you can do for your clients.

Whether you are a financial advisor, tax preparer, CPA or attorney, we all have to help our clients prepare for the work associated with this not so festive time of year.

The immediate task ahead will be gathering and harvesting the end of the year data – information that is so important for the preparation of the tax return.

Most clients find the task daunting so how about something to make it a little easier?

Enter the Record Saver Envelope.  Here is a link for the one we use:

We mail this envelope to each of our clients every year, usually the last week of the year, along with a simple cover letter and our address stamped on the Saver.

They use it each year, lug it around to the other advisors and eventually it ends up on the desk of whoever prepares their return.

Guide – Help your clients with an easy to use tool to gather their tax records for the year.

Action item – This is just another example of a simple value add you can provide. Send out the Record Saver Envelope with your info attached!

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