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Presentation Presentation


How do you present your presentation?

Back to basics.

Many have made presentations over the years but, putting content aside for now, how do yours look?

Here are some common methodologies:

  • Stapled
  • Paper Clipped
  • Laminated
  • Clear Folder
  • Manilla Folder
  • Colored folder
  • Colored Pocket Folder
  • Custom Folder
  • Three Ring Binder
  • Three Ring Binder with clear Jacket for inserts
  • Custom Three Ring Binder
  • Bound in house with:
    • Plastic Comb Binders – Black
    • Plastic Comb Binders – Color Matched
    • Wire Binding
    • Velobind
    • Thermo Binding

I realized there are significant cost differences between these methods.  Here are my minimum guidelines:

Colored Pocket Folders that coordinate with your letterhead – Customized by the local print shop with your logo. Solid color folders that are printed with a single color ink should cost under $1 each – You ARE worth it!

GBC Binding Machine with Comb bindings – Purchased from Staples or Office Depot, prices start at $200 with colored combs at $10 per box.  You can use clear transparencies as covers to get started with letterhead underneath.

These two additions to your supply closet will make your presentations look substantial and presentable.

Guide – Present every presentation as if it was being shown to your largest prospect ever.  It might be!

Action item – Purchase the materials you need, folders and a binding machine, to create a minimum level of professionalism.

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We Go Live!


After years of preparation, sweat, spousal irritation (that is me irritating her!) and grinding out the day-to-day, The Advisors Center is going live.

Shameless self-promotion?  Absolutely!

We have been contacted by professional advisors from across the country and have initiated a number of collaborative relationships.

The printer has printed.  The lawyers have drafted.  Bank accounts are established.  The state alerted.  Blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube—All CHECK!

Materials prepared, course work organized, wiki running, CRM customized—CHECK!!

So once again we have begun a start-up—not our first and doubtful our last.

My humble request to you is to listen, and then consider hiring us to help guide your business to the next level and beyond. We offer strategic AND tactical planning, even down to setting up payroll and the P&L.

If you have an interest in our services or know someone that could be, please contact us by any method you so desire.  Gee, we have so many 🙂

To you folks that provide services to advisors, please consider us for your next half-day workshop.  

And to the exec’s that train the trainers, let us show YOU how your clients would like to be called upon.  It will definitely gain you share.

Thank you for reading our Advisor’s Guide to Success and for listening . Welcome aboard!


Guide – A strategic and tactical business planning professional with 30 years of experience is good to hire.

Action Item – I recommend you contract with The Advisors Center and let us Guide your way to Success!

© 2009 The Advisors Center, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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Getting Your Brand “Followed”

Are your clients and prospects interested in what you are doing?

Should they be?

It seems to me that if they are interested, there must be some sense of loyalty. If there is loyalty, then you have a stronger relationship with that client or prospect.

Forrester Research just released a paper predicting that web sites will become less and less important as people want very specific information pushed at them by their service providers.(

Will this content delivery be email, social media OR some new and as yet undeveloped platform? Too soon to tell.

So what are you doing NOW to keep people following, interested and loyal to YOUR brand?

Here are some thoughts! (Keep in mind that some of these may require regulatory approval PRIOR to usage.)

  • an emailed newsletter
  • a Blog
  • a Twitter site (or multiple Twitter sites for different lines of business)
  • a Linkedin profile
  • a Facebook page
  • a Facebook fan page
  • emailed commentary
  • seminars
  • press releases
  • writing for a newspaper
  • writing for CLIENTS’ trade journals
  • television
  • radio
  • print advertising
  • advertising on other websites

Guide – Getting your brand “followed” builds loyalty.

Action Item – Start by making sure you have a brand and then work with a pro to get that brand followed!

© 2009 The Advisors Center, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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Do you have a brand?

Much has been written about brand so I will only say a little.


You must have a branding strategy.  Seek out someone to assist you. 

Branding means a coordinated effort.  Everything must go with everything.

This means:  business cards, stationary, envelopes, memo pads, note pads, web site, signage, voice mail message, email signatures… EVERYTHING.

I am shocked at how many advisors are lazy and do not do this!!!!

Guide – Make sure ALL your stuff REALLY matches – It looks unprofessional if it doesn’t.

Action items – Find someone to help you do this.

I will discuss this more over time.

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