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Bread and Fruit

So you have decided to have a client or prospect in to your office for an early meeting.

What’s an early meeting?  Any meeting that starts at 9AM or earlier!

And why does this topic matter?  Did your client or prospect have breakfast?

Consider the impact… they walk in to your conference room and there waiting….breads and fruits and cheese.

Depending on what part of the country you are from, you will determine the combo.

Here in the Northeast, that means Bagels, Cream Cheese and OJ.  Maybe some cut melon.  In the South (I am guessing), Sweet Rolls, or Danish, watermelon and a soft cheese.  In California…. Muffins, Grainy rolls, butter, Citrus and Jack.  I also use a small jelly (like the room service kind) and some butter.

Anyway, you get the idea!  People are thrilled.  You might even WANT to warn them NOT to eat, so when the appointment is scheduled we let them know that we will have it waiting for them.

For you, the cost is reasonable – I would say more than $10 but less than $20.  It can be picked up on your way in at the local market, bagel store or coffee shop (even Starbucks).  We have coffee in our office so I do not need to pick that up.  We use a Keurig maker which is very convenient.

In our office, this is an always, always, always event.  Our staff knows if I have a “breakfast” meeting, they leave out the dishes, napkins, silverware etc. the night before.  Then all I have to do is “spread it”.  And of course any leftovers are shared immediately among staff or taken home.

Guide – Your client or prospect want and need to know you care.

Action Items – Show them you care about them and serve them breakfast!


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