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Getting Your Brand “Followed”

Are your clients and prospects interested in what you are doing?

Should they be?

It seems to me that if they are interested, there must be some sense of loyalty. If there is loyalty, then you have a stronger relationship with that client or prospect.

Forrester Research just released a paper predicting that web sites will become less and less important as people want very specific information pushed at them by their service providers.(

Will this content delivery be email, social media OR some new and as yet undeveloped platform? Too soon to tell.

So what are you doing NOW to keep people following, interested and loyal to YOUR brand?

Here are some thoughts! (Keep in mind that some of these may require regulatory approval PRIOR to usage.)

  • an emailed newsletter
  • a Blog
  • a Twitter site (or multiple Twitter sites for different lines of business)
  • a Linkedin profile
  • a Facebook page
  • a Facebook fan page
  • emailed commentary
  • seminars
  • press releases
  • writing for a newspaper
  • writing for CLIENTS’ trade journals
  • television
  • radio
  • print advertising
  • advertising on other websites

Guide – Getting your brand “followed” builds loyalty.

Action Item – Start by making sure you have a brand and then work with a pro to get that brand followed!

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