Staff Meetings or Meet with Staff?


Most businesses have staff meetings. Staff meetings have a bad rap for a good reason.

In most cases they just don’t work.  I won’t go into all the reasons why they don’t but I think we can all agree that it is the rare staff meeting where everyone walks out and says “Wasn’t that a great use of our time?”! Or even worse…..

So what is the alternative?

Meet with your staff – One on One.

Spend an hour or so having a one on one with each member.  The results are great.

They get to see how you are feeling and you get to see what’s up with them.  What is working and what is not working. You can offer constructive criticism without embarrassing them or yourself.  They won’t feel crushed or hurt and perhaps even feel relieved to know that you care about  these issues and they might get fixed.

You can ask about challenges, goals, co-workers etc.  There seems to be little that is out-of-bounds during these one on one times.

These meetings can prevent or eliminate hostility or resentment that can be building up due to the lack of communication.

Imagine going 6 months without speaking to your spouse or significant other without asking them how’s it going or how they are feeling.  There would certainly be hard feelings!

Staff meetings can be productive if they are short and have a single message or focus.  Otherwise spend some time investing in a single person meeting.

Guide – Schedule regular one on one meetings with the members of your staff.  It beats staff meetings hands down.

Action Item – Book the meetings now and plan your agenda. Ask them to plan theirs – What is working, what is not working and how they think they can fix it.

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