Truth or Dare?

As I began my career in the financial services industry, we were taught to sell.  We were taught how to respond to objections, we were taught how to close, how to turn people around, how to be persuasive.  And while this training was important and perhaps invaluable, there was an inherent falsehood to it all.  It was all about the sale.

We were not taught to be honest, forthright or truthful.  We were not taught to listen, to be empathetic, to have people skills.  We were taught about body language as a way to better close. 

As you think about your “sales” training, do your think, hmmmm “Truth” or “Dare”.  “Gosh, if I tell the whole truth he or she will not buy!” “Man, I cannot tell my prospect that negative attribute to my product or I cannot make rent!”

What I have come to observe and learn is that the old fashion close is just that.  To forge relationships with clients will lead to a much higher level of success.  Be a leader.  Be a champion.  Be the kind of person your children or family will admire.  Be the person your clients will admire and be grateful for.  This will lead to loyalty.  This leads to “sticky” clients.  This means less stress for you and less stress for them.

Don’t play truth or dare, don’t play close to the edge and don’t play with people.   Just don’t play!

Guide:  Picture yourself as being admired for your integrity. Picture yourself as someone to be emulated.

Action Item:  Listen, give full disclosure, review every document with your client and do not be afraid to be truthful.

PS – My Dad, an “old school” insurance man passed away this week.  He taught me many things over the years but the biggest lesson I learned is that you are nothing without your integrity.  Thanks Pop!  and so I will step off the soapbox – for now….


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